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  • Type: Special vessel
  • Client: CEONA
  • Year of construction: 2013
  • Ship Yard: LLoyd Werft Bremerhaven AG
  • Tonnage: 33.000 BRZ
  • Project delivery: 10/2014

The new ship is 199,4 m long, 32,2 m wide, drawing 8,0 m and of 33.000 GT. It will carry pipe-laying equipment from Huisman in Holland and boast extensive under-deck storage capacity for line pipe or umbilicals as well as a deck area of 4,600m2 for further pipe and reel storage, making it independent of costly logistics bases.

Two on-board 400t mast head cranes and a single 30t knuckle boom crane – all heave-compensated - enable heavy lift operations including installation of large subsea structures singly or in tandem in water depths to 3000 metres. Two on-board ROVs will be for operation down to the same depth and CEONA AMAZON will also boast a helipad and 7 thrusters. Capable of laying rigid or flexible pipelines and umbilicals, it will have accommodation for 200 personnel in 114 high standard, comfort-class cabins.

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