Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH

Over 165 Years of Competence

Since 1857, Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven has stood for reliability and quality.

We are experts in the conversion and new construction of passenger ships, prototypes and exclusive mega-yachts.

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Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH

Brückenstraße 25
27568 Bremerhaven

Postfach 12 01 21
27515 Bremerhaven

Phone: +49 (0) 471 478-0
Fax: +49 (0) 471 478-280
Email: info@lloydwerft.com


BVT Chartering und Logistics salvages freighter "Sabine" in Emden's southern port

The stricken inland vessel "Sabine" was successfully salvaged by our subsidiary BVT Chartering & Logistics in Emden's southern port on November 21, 2023 with the help of our Group's semi-submersible pontoon "BHV Innovation".
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